Monday, November 19, 2012

Torn between two

I cannot even make up my mind. You told me he's not good enough for me, but it seems I'm not good enough for you. I told you, all I wanted was you. You know me better then any other. Know what to say when I get upset. You know me so well. I do not want to start over again. We cant be just be friends, because then I may not speak to you as I should. You give advice to people. But you cant use your own advice. To pass love. Is it my pass? what did I do to make you not trust me. Sometimes I feel you are playing games with me. Testing me. Like I am not worth it to you at all. Your wrong the man I date is worth it and he is good enough for me. You may not think so. But now I do not care what you think. You had your chance. There is no friends. I am a women who knows what I want. I know now you are not Him.