Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On My Mind

Why? Is the question I ask. who? Is it not me that's on your mind. How? Do you stay on my mind countless times a day?  Would I ever take you back? Yes, because my love for you runs deep. Are you saying you don't want me? Do you think about me at times? Did you call the next day after we broke up? Seeing is believing, but why can't I believe it? It's right in my face. I lost you to keep my pride. Head high I rather it be down with you by my side. I can tell you it was not a lie. I don't know rather to call you or leave it be. Tell me. Am I the one you want. Do you believe I'm going on a marry-go-round. I do. Protection is my goal. For you to understand why I do things. Do you get me mad, yes you do. One time you got mad and hated me after. Just about small things. Do I still love you? Yes, I do your heart lays in mine. Do I cry for you? Yes, I do miss you. Sometimes I'm mad, because you don't hold me or kiss me. Are we together? No, because you think to much and your thoughts get you out of line and weird. Why did I draw my gun? You hurt me. Never again will I fright fire with fire. Now what do I have? School. School. School. So you'll be seeing me riding B.I.G..   Do I still love you? Yes I do but it hurt to think of you every time I close my eyes I see you. My note book is filled with letters I want to give to you. But seems I can't. Your a man. You'll just throw them away. I'm not sure. I'm unsure. Not confused in any way. When I'm with you everything is a sure thing. I need to stop thinking of you. I can't sleep. Even when you were by my side I could not sleep. It's something about you that drives me road-rage. We don't have trust. We don't have a bond. So where is love coming from. If it isn't love then why do I feel this why? Why do you stay on my mind? If it isn't love why dose it hurt so bad? Make me feel so sad? This oh so true. He took my heart. No one will ever take it again. I can't describe this feeling I have for him.

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