Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Writers choice

This is what I do. Any and every thing I could top my last. No matter if it's a pen to a sheet of paper, my fingers on the key-bored, thoughts in my mine flow. From some places far from this earth, I discovered a great gift that only I can make better. I can put my dream to work; like a slave in the sun. No brakes no backing down. Writing is apart of my life as well as art. Make things people won't believe till they see. Write from my heart just so you will understand. I have many story's I want to share with the world. Many true some I seen in life. Some off the top of my mind. Some I see in my dreams at night. No matter what happens there will be an update. No matter how I'm feeling. You will feel it as you read. I have writers I love like Eric Drome Dicky, and so many more. But the books I read are exciting I cant wait to get to the next page. While I fell in love with writing my mine stared to shift and change into a new road. In witch I follow.

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