Sunday, September 4, 2011

It Doesn't Even Matter

Nothing even matters. Not a breath worth air without you matters. The pass is the pass keep it a bay. Keep my heart for the lord may save me. Fault me not for I have sinned. Have love in vain. Witch brings me back to the lord to save me and of my name. Other have try'd to bring me down. I have not not broke before them but as seen by family. Anger brings a cool dark cloud above my head. Emotions are felt as thoughts fill the mind. Positive thoughts bring happy actions. Negative thoughts bring sadness more likely anger moods and actions. So if it's our thoughts that make our emotions then how do we love? How do we feel loved? If you love someone you more likely want them to be in your life regardless of how far or how ever messed up things get. Love is a bond to the soul of the one whom loves back. This bond can be broke but not if it means much more. More then a game more then the cut. More then life it self. Friends (to me) can't be trusted with nothing. I've learned that the hard way. I put my trust to someone who deceived me. Disturbed my home. Then tried to corrupt me for all i build myself to  be. Tell me why is it so hard to be true??? This earth runs with demons that have been here before our time...that another story for another day.

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