Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Day by day we find out more and more about people you thought you know. But by the time you see the real person its to late. There's nothing you can do to change what happen, what things that hurt and what is felt. Feelings get the best of a broken soul. I learn to heel up and harden my wombs so others don't hurt me. I reflect a smile and laugh. As if you are nothing to me. I don't care about you if i did i would have told you(if not indirectly). I am so called a mean person with an anger problem. My looks vary deceiving. They tell me my eyes make me look sneaky, like I'm up to something. As my photo shows you I look innocent. me, Chardonnay, I am not sure where I stand in the art of seduction. Myself as a person will master the art and take pride in what I am doing(learning). I never take no for an answer, I keep pushing in my desires. Some times succeed and get stuck or do the wrong thing. But regardless I will conquer. I will start wars. I will have followers; even if they don't  I still stand solo. The ground I walk on will not keep me down. I rise above drama and could care less what one may think. For it's what I Chardonnay feel or think about my self. Insecurity is not a thought or feeling in my mind. Many say bad things; they don't know me or dislike me. Do i hear them? Do i hear there cry for drama? No i don't. Because no one will get the best of me with out the worst. I can't force anyone to like me or respect me. I will and already have earn my share. Strong in what i believe, weak in my desires. My target. My victim. Take it as you what it.

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