Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trapped In Hell

Hell is not nonstop pain or eating cactus's, with boiling water to wash it down. No hell is not below  this surface that we walk on. But we walk in hell. We live in hell. Some suffer some die. Some get so hooked to the demons creations that they lose track of life and chase what is desired. Hell is trapped in a basement with no water but the rain water from the floor. Neglect, trapped in a cage, no food to eat. Hot long days with no shade, flies eating at the skin and bones. Trouble that rumbles the night. Trapped in a cage with out a bathroom about to explode some thing nasty. Hell is this government, and what it calms to be. Hell is being slaved or used like consent energy. Hell brings out the best and worst. Freak shows that walk among the earth. Hate is so strong it can take over one mine.  Hell is when a guy thinks he loves a women; then thinks he owns her. Like property of a home he wants her to dress and act the way he wants her to. Slave in a kitchen and keep the house clean. If she may refuse there may be issues. Or hell can turn around and bite in the rear. She may lie and cheat to get him trapped with the seed he may or may not have planted. But to be free. Seems childhood was the greatest times. No hell it seemed in those days.. Maybe not for everyone. I created my own world that only I can see. A world where no flaw will be talked about. A world where everybody is care and stress free. A paradise to the eye that seeks pleasure, pureness, and free mined. Hell is not being with one you truly love. Hurts not to wake up by there side. We live in hell. The only excape die or fall into a deep sleep. No matter how happy we may think we are we still live in hell..

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